Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Irresistibly Stupendous Salmon Salad Sandwich

Have you ever had one of those days that your body doesn't cooperate with you? You know, a pain here, a twist here or an abnormal cracking of your bones?

I guess that question is only for my friends in their forties and beyond. I am a runner and there are days where my body says "NO!"

"Gin, eat more salmon," said Dr. K.

Dr. K is a good friend of mine and that was his advice. He gave me all the health benefits and so on. . . . . Thanks Dr. K!

This week on the menu was poached salmon. Poached salmon is amazingly tasty. It is a great way to eat salmon. As far as the poaching liquid, you are only limited by your taste buds and imagination.

I had one salmon fillet left.

My goal is to get better at working with my leftovers, so I went to work creating some salmon salad.
Gin's Poached Salmon Salad

1 poached salmon fillet
fresh grated horseradish, to taste
1/4 cup fresh sour cream
1/4 cup light mayo
1 teaspoon sugar
fresh dill, to taste
fresh snipped chives, to taste
salt and pepper, to taste
(1) Shred salmon fillet. (2) Mix the rest of the ingredients and refrigerate until ready to create sandwiches. (3) ENJOY!

Salmon salad is right up there with tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad or ham salad. The fresh grated horseradish gives a kick to the taste buds, and the sugar is the secret ingredient that brings it all together.

My sandwich was out of this world. I started with Arnold Select Sandwich Thins. I added two scoops of salmon salad, fresh sliced radishes, fresh sliced cucumbers, a pile of crisp lettuce and a drizzle of Lemon Pepper Dipping Oil from the Little Dipper Company. I am pretty sure this sandwich could find it's way on to a gourmet menu, it is just that good. The Lemon Pepper Dipping Oil was definitely the magic touch that led to the unbelievable taste. I have to say that I have tried a lot of dipping oils in my time and the ones from the Little Dipper Company are so superior in their taste that I will never waste my money on any other flavored oils. The company has an unique way of mixing the right amount of spices and oils to compliment almost any dish in your recipe box.

I am on way to drop a container of fresh poached salmon salad to Dr. K, and you should be on your way to making a side of potato salad to go with your salmon salad. ; -)


  1. Oh, I wish I could acquire a taste for salmon. It does look very good, and I know so many people are mad for this.

    Cracking bones, stiff bones, yep, but I have some years on you. Maybe fish oil tablets??

  2. Hi Ginger, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. are such a good cook, I love salmon!

  3. Boy you are gone for a while and then hit the blog scene like a food storm, or is it food fight...I would fight you for this sandwich!

  4. Yum! Salmon salad, tuna salad, egg salad - all my favourites. Your sandwich looks delicious!

  5. Good for you for eating such a healthy delicious sandwich! I instead used my sandwich thins to make a Nutella sandwich.

  6. The salad looks wonderful. I'll have to give it a try.

  7. My knee has been swollen or something crazy this week. Maybe I need some of your sandwich too! Yum! I love salmon!

  8. I haven't had salmon in a long time! This looks delicious.

  9. Gin, this looks wonderful. I love salmon. I've never thought of making this, though. I'm stealing this recipe (fair warning). THANKS.

  10. I have never tried a salmon salad- but this looks great!

  11. Great idea to have included horseradish in your recipe! It sounds delicious :)

  12. My back creaks every morning, and don't get me started on my knees...

    great recipe, thanks for looking my little corner of the blogworld up. Your site is terrific, and I have added you to my blog roll... will be back


  13. I can eat everything with this salmon salad!!! It looks so yummy!

  14. Looks fantastic to me! I love salmon salad... tuna salad... and I love the flavors you've used here. Bet that was one fantstic sammich!

  15. YUMMO! I love salmon, this looks like the most perfect lunch time treat!

  16. Good idea!! I love salmon...only one in the house that does...but that just means more for me :) I want to try this!