Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Summer is passing by with Swedish Meatballs, Fishing and Pay It Forward

I would like to take this quick opportunity to tell my blogging friends that summer is getting in the way of my blogging AND more importantly reading all my favorite blogs! Between a triathlon, a son coming home from college, another son running around like there is no tomorrow AND MY LOVE FOR

FISHING, the summer already feels like it is speeding by. YIKES!! Anyway, I would like to say that I am always happy when I get a chance to read all my favorite blogs and if I don't visit for awhile it is only because of all that is going on in my little world. The great thing is, everything that is going on, is good, and for that I am grateful!

Ever since I went to Ikea to shop for my "new" kitchen and stumbled upon their Swedish Meatballs, I have been on a hyper quest to create my own recipe. Ikea serves their meatballs with freshly boiled potatoes and a huge heaping of lingonberry jam. They are DELICIOUS!!

The thing is, I knew that I could do better. The only reason I knew I could do better is that I could use fresh and more healthy ingredients for the meatballs.

Gin's Swedish Meatballs

1 pound lean ground beef
1/2 sleeve of saltine crackers,
1 1/2 cup fat free half-n-half, divided
1 egg

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon onion powder
salt & pepper to taste
3 cups beef broth less sodium

1/4 cup dry white wine
2 tablespoon flour
4 tablespoons water
2 egg yolks
dash lemon juice

(1) Add meat, crackers, 1/2 cup half-n-half, egg, Worcestershire sauce, onion powder, salt/pepper and roll into small meatballs. (2) Gently brown in a nonstick pan . (3) Move meatballs to pot with beef broth and simmer for 45 minutes. (4) Remove meatballs. (5) Add to a jar flour, water, wine and lemon juice. Shake until flour is dissolved and add the beef broth. Stir constantly until thicken. (6) Remove a cup of gravy. Mix egg yolks. Slowly add gravy to egg yolks to temper and not scramble! (7) Add mixture back to gravy and continue to stir until well mixed. (8) Add meatballs to gravy and simmer until ready to serve. (9) ENJOY!

I served these meatballs with fresh boiled potatoes and a large slice of 9 grain bread from the farmers market. I skipped the lingonberry jam, not because I didn't like it with the meatballs when I ate them at Ikea, it was because I didn't have any. AND honey would rather not have his dinner served with jam (go figure?)

I realize that these meatballs are a comfort food that you would serve more during the cold winter months. If you get tired of grilling (which whoever would) give these a try. I have to tell you that the Swedish are on to something by putting cream into their meatballs. It makes the texture of the meatballs so moist and rich. They practically melt in your mouth.

On to Pay it Forward or PIF for short. I was so lucky to be the winner of Dar's Pay It Forward. In short, to be a part of PIF all you have to do is make a comment on this blog post. On June 28, I will make a random draw of a winner to receive a gift of some sort from me. According to the rules, I have 365 days to send the gift, but I can guarantee you that it won't take me that long. If you are the winner of PIF, you then will host a PIF on your blog where you get to send a gift! FUN!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful summer full of family, friends and fun!


  1. wow what a catch and love the meat ball recipe, keep on enjoying you deserve it Rebecca

  2. Now that is some fish and one great recipe. Have a good time. We'll all still be here when things calm down.

  3. Great Fish!

    Great Meatball recipe too! Glad you are having a fun summer!

    In 1985 I caught a 40 lb King Salmon on the Kenai river in Alaska. That was such a blast!

  4. Recipe sounds delicious and I don't blame you for putting fishin' first. It is summer, and there's only so much time to pack in all the fun!

  5. Gin, I'm not entering your PIF (I'm full of good intentions but no follow through, alas) but I did want to comment on how tasty your meatballs look! I cook comfort food all year 'round too.

    Good catch on your fish. Summertime is a busy time and a fun time. Good to absorb as much of it as we can, I say.

    We'll "catch" you when we can!

  6. I love that you love to fish...me too, but haven't actually done it since I was a kid:( These meatballs sound awesome...and too funny about hubby not wanting jam with his dinner...mexichef- same way! :P

  7. Hi! This is my first time I visit your blog and these meatballs! They look so delicious... ah! And nice catch!

  8. I love the meatballs at IKEA and I know yours would be 100x better - yum! Cute fishing pic too :)

  9. Great meatball recipe! I'm jealous of your fishing :)

  10. It works! I just got here by clicking on the one on my site ;) YAY!

  11. I can tell you are having one great summer!! Those meatballs look mighty tasty...enjoy fishing!

  12. those meatballs look delicious!

  13. What yummy looking IKEAN meatballs. Send some over quickly. Fishing woman here also you go girl.

  14. Mmmmmm, those meatballs would be awesome with those wide egg noodles and extra sauce too! I love meatballs! Any flavor/type. Just so fun to make and eat. Try Rachael Ray's 365 days no repeats cookbook. She's got alot of meatball variations in there and I've tried a few of them and they are great. Perhaps we should have a meatball recipe showdown this summer!? LOL.

    WOOHOO, today is the last day of school!

  15. You know we share the same passion for FISHING!

    I love meatballs anytime, any day...

  16. I know what you mean about the summer speeding by. I'm unemployed and it seems I don't have time to blog much lately. Enjoy your summer Gin, don't let the people and things you love pass you by.

  17. I must say I am jealous of that great fish you caught, well done...As to the meat balls I am very impressed to actually I am virtually drooling over the keyboard as I love these, normally have a substandard version of that at Ikea, bot those are marks 10. lovely thanks for the share :) xxx Rico|Recipes

  18. Popped in from the Ungourmet to say hi!

  19. I love fishing! What a great Passion! Summer time fishing in the Keys Wow here I go!

    Thanks for sharing and so glad I found your blog!

    Join Today! Have a Great Day :)

  20. Hi Ginger,

    Oooooo meatpucks look good! And so does fishing! You just worry about catching me all those fish, you can always blog later.

    I do miss you though. I have to admit.


  21. Wow that is a whopper fish!
    So love that you made your own recipe for Ikeas meatballs, my boyfriend loves them and gets them every time we go there, Ill have to give this recipe a try sometime!

  22. How did you know I had Swedish MEatballs on the menu for tonight? This recipe looks better than the one I have though, I may have to try it!! Thanks for sharing!